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Should you upgrade to Windows 7? Here's my take, in a nutshell

I like Windows 7, a lot.

As with EVERY new version of Windows, it is neither as great nor as horrible as people have painted it.

The one thing I like most about Windows 7 is the new taskbar. The user experience is definitely a little nicer and smoother. Windows 7 also runs a little faster than Vista, and the annoying "User Account Control" prompts are much less annoying.

There are some other tweaks and enhancements, but otherwise there arent really any truly remarkable new features.

If you have an existing system with Windows installed, you are likely eligible for the upgrade price of $129. I think that's rather steep, personally. I don't believe the upgrade is worth $129 for most people.

So who should upgrade to Windows 7?

- Those who like to keep up with the latest and greatest software.
- Those who have $129 burning a hole in their pocket.
- Those who can get big discounts on Windows 7, such as students.

Who should NOT upgrade?

- If you're running just fine with XP or Vista, and you'd have to pay over $100 to get Windows 7, I don't think there's a compelling reason for you to drop all that cash on it.

Which version should you get? For personal use, most people only need Windows 7 Home Premium. (The more expensive "Professional" and "Ultimate" editions aren't going to have any useful features for most home users.)

I could go into much further detail, but regarding the question "Should I upgrade," that's it in a nutshell.

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