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Yes you are hereby forbidden to comment about any Bear411-related posts!


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The Forbidden Zone is actually The Sixth Dimension. There are no satellites there, so you can't use your GPS to guide your Bluetooth-enabled Altima there! Sorry.

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And there are no cats in America and the streets are lined with cheese...

But there IS Herve Villechese AND Danny Elfman and the "Mystical Knights of the Oingo Boingo"!! i haven't seen this movie in AGES!!! Is it on DVD??!!!

...and SHECKELS!!! Get your sheckels for the Forbidden Zone!!

FINALLY!! Somebody else who remembers the mystic knights!

not sure


I'm not sure what I think about bear411. I just tried to open an account, and it was rejected. I did receive an email suggesting another site that I can join. I'm not a bear (yet), but I am into bears. I don't understand why bear411 didn't accept me, being that chaser is one of the categories on the search page.

Also, you are hot, and I wish I were in San Diego. Let me know if you get to Chicago.


They censor "ugly"? fuck... I totally wrote a diatribe to someone last night including the phrase "rears it's ugly head"... that's crap!

I actually agree with you in reading all the facts. Trying to say that greg is too greedy and trying to make money off of the bear community would be a slap in the face of all businesses as they all do the same.

I think I'm more made about the sneaky way he does things more then anything. I just don't think Greg understand good business practises and this will bite him in the ass

I don't plan on ever giving bear411 money as it exists right now. I dunno if I want to go so far as to delete my profile. I just won't log in if the site isn't full of hot dudes. And I've never seen the charge for "priority access" to be a very selling point for the pay service.

I hope this pressures webmasters like Greg to do a better job. I think he has been resting on his laurels, business wise, for quite some time. His filtering doesn't work right and the communication method for retrieving messages is ancient. If anyone gives me a good, efficient way to meet hot dudes on the internet for a reasonable price I'm up in that. I don't really see where that is on the market other than Bearciti which is still a beta and still buggy on the platform I use.

Thanks Brodie. I was curious what you thought of this whole thing... what with being Canadian and fierce and stuff!

Hopefully BearCiti will be able to work out the kinks.

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Thanks for the info.

Indeed I am not versed in Canadian Law. It sure would be interesting to know what the rules are.

I love your icon, by the way!

If you do a search for all active profiles on Bear411, it returns about 8,600 hits. But on the front page, Bear411 claims about 100,000 "membears."

I actually did this, just for fun. There were 8650 pages of profiles. Each page has 12 - giving you 103,800. The counter at that moment said 103,797, so I think he is pretty dead on.

You might have to move this one from con to pro list.

Ahh, wow, you are totally right.

I was looking at the number of pages!

100,000 people worldwide... indeed that's a lot.

Thanks for the info buddy.

A good point not listed here, but that was discussed on the joemygod blog, is the fact that Greg is not natively North American (i.e. Canada, US, Mexico).

Put about as delicately as I can make it, I honestly believe that the guy just really doesn't "get" American Bears.

In my trip to London last summer I did learn one fundamental thing about America. At our deepest roots, American Culture is this weird synergy between English Elitism, French Egalitarianism, and Puritan aesthetic. I find that as a result, the rest of the world just doesn't "get" us.

What I never understood is what folks saw in bear411 to begin with? I think it's the crappiest web interface that I've ever seen, and trust me I've seen some bad ones...

Dude, that makes total sense. I hadn't thought of that.

Sometimes there are just cultural differences.

Yeah the interface is pretty awful.

Sometime we'll have to chat some more on the blend of elitism, egalitarianism and aesthetic...

I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a joke but, "I honestly believe that the guy just really doesn't "get" American Bears."

Don't you think that's a little over the top?
Saying, "Greg is not natively North American (i.e. Canada, US, Mexico)" it's like saying, "A full-blooded American guy should have made a Bear site like 411, then we wouldn't have these problems".

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that just Racism?

Child please. First off, the whole "racism" meme is just tired...

You simply can not talk about "cultural" differences, especially between different nationalities without pointing out core difference in how those different cultures perceived and deal with problem solving. That is not racist.

My point about Greg is this. As a business that was trying to cater to and build an audience with mostly North American viewers(I understand he has an international site as well), then it leaves him with two choices: try to mandate his cultural problem solving or embrace that of his customer.

Obviously he has chosen his own, which is well within his right to do, but it is also still within my right to say I won't accept that.


I'm not a child, nor a drama queen.

It's just how it your comment across really: "He doesn't 'get' American Bears".

Being non-American and reading that made me think "hang on, that's a bit over the top" in the same way that some people are saying over the top things about Bear411.

Although, what is the 'whole "racism" meme' anyway, and how is it tired?

I think the intention here was merely to say that cultural differences may partly explain the current Bear411 conflict.

On the surface, it does seem like Greg isn't understanding why we're all making a big fuss.

Every culture is going to have different customs and values. Perhaps one of the reasons why we're having a misunderstanding is that we do come from different backgrounds.

(This doesn't justify anything, but perhaps it will help us understand the why.)

Then again, we could be wrong.

I agree with the point here that the word filtering and deleting of messages is the main problem.

Greg should make it very clear somewhere prominent on the site that messages will get deleted if they contain certain words. He should list these words so that all users know.

Other than that, I just don't think it's very cool, if all the other accusations are true, that he has been randomly deleting users or trying to sue other bear sites etc... All the shady business practices (like the trick) put me off, but I agree, running a business can force people to do 'unpopular' things at times.

Got to you through Joe.My.God, and really appreciate the "devil's advocate" argument. Combined all together, the business practices, if all true, are indefensible. But it's his business, and as long as local laws aren't being violated (I'd be surprised if they are), he can do what he wants. Folks don't have to support a business that doesn't support them.

Really liked the journal. Hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend.

This is some good stuff.

Well said. Well written.

I'm going to walk away from Bear411 when I get the time, really. I hardly use the site as it is now (I regularly get automated messages telling me I've had X number of messages sitting in my inbox for Y days, in fact).

But here's my question, and a larger issue, I think. Who really owns the content posted by users? If I delete my profile, am I actually deleteing my content? Or does he keep my photos, etc., for use on his other Bear sites, or for other purposes?

Any ideas?



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